Sleeping set “Classic”

45 000 ЅМ

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Akram Furniture provides a very beautiful bedroom set. The set includes a large bed, bedside tables, a chest of drawers, a huge wardrobe, a mirror on the wall and two ottomans. The set is very elegant, made of wood, in white colors, with gilded details. The upholstered furniture is sheathed with leatherette, and the wooden frame has beautiful carved decor. This set of furniture will create coziness in your bedroom.
Made in Turkey.

Bed: 220×335 cm
Mattress: 210×180 cm
Pier glass: 187×48 cm
Bedside tables: 67×48 cm
Chiffonier: 275x60x210 cm

Come and buy a bedroom set of furniture at competitive prices, both in cash and in installments without commission and interest up to 6 months!