The result of the Awarding prize 2020

12.09.2020 Off By Админ

Finally, we managed to successfully conduct our Awarding prize from the Akram Mebel company and determine our winner.

As a result of yesterday’s broadcast, we had technical failures due to the incorrect operation of Facebook itself, we were not able to fully conduct our broadcast, for which we apologize.

Our winner was our lucky subscriber under the name Parvina Gulova, and therefore we congratulate her on her victory! We will definitely contact her and invite her to present our prize from the Akram Mebel company – a three-piece sofa and post a video report on the Facebook page and the official website of Akram Mebel. On behalf of the team and the management of Akram Mebel, we would like to thank all the participants in this drawing for their active participation.

Stay with us there will be many more Awarding prize!


Administration “Akram Mebel”.