Стол обеденный для 4 персон

Length: 120 cm.
Width: 60 cm.
Available: Red and green.

1 350 ЅМ



Akram Mebel offers a table set with chairs for the kitchen, dining room and catering.
Purchase a furniture set consisting of a table and 4 chairs. The table is made of solid wood and covered with a special varnish, due to which it is not afraid of temperature and moisture. The table is strong enough and will serve you for a long time.
The set is executed in hi-tech style, but also fits very well into a modern interior. You can put such a set of furniture at home, in the country, and it can also be well suited for a cafe or dining room.
Come and order a set of table and chairs at competitive prices, or you can take it in installments without commissions and interest up to 6 months!