Sofa transformer

44 800 ЅМ



Functional furniture in our time not only does not surprise, but also becomes a trend, because everything around should be useful and fulfill its purpose in full.

Furniture of this type, such as a sofa, and even with a transformation function, has a high level of convenience for its owners, since it provides a comfortable stay on it in different positions. It is equally good to sit, lie down, work and relax on such a sofa. In addition, it has other characteristics:

Practicality – the ability to replace or supplement some items in the house, because sometimes sofas have niches or drawers, they can open armrests and so on.
Ergonomics – all design details are well thought out, are in their places, so the transformer is safe to use.
aesthetics – sofas that have the function of transforming come with a different design, a way to change the design and different shapes, so they can complement any interior.

This sofa is made in Italy. We make delivery from Europe under the order. Not available.