Armchairs for halls, halls, large rooms and meeting rooms

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Available on back-order



The Akram Furniture company accepts orders for the manufacture of modern armchairs for halls, halls, large rooms and meeting rooms.

We make such chairs from metal structures and wood massifs, and seats from soft foam rubber and other equally soft materials. We can sheathe the chairs with any materials you wish: leather, velvet, leatherette, suede and in any bright colors. When ordering armchairs, we will make them for every taste and color and quantity.
All materials are of high quality, and the structures are durable, such chairs will serve for many years.

Order for the manufacture of an armchair at the most favorable prices for you, and you can pay both in cash and in installments without commission and interest up to 6 months!

Phone: (+992) 91 834 00 05
Address: Rakhmon Nabiev 205