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We not only sell ready-made furniture manufactured by Turkey, Kazakhstan, China, Uzbekistan, Belarus, and Russia, we also have our own furniture factory. Thanks to this, you can order any type of high-quality furniture for your home, office or other facilities and structures both in small quantities and in large numbers.

We offer a variety of completed furniture designs for the kitchen, living room, bedroom, study, entrance hall, hall and other rooms from classic solutions to modern ones, such as the Scandinavian style and loft, which will give you the opportunity to make the right choice.

We are also willing to develop an individual furniture design for you, taking into account your preferences for color, materials, dimensions and lead time.

Our enterprise has been presented at the furniture production market for more than 20 years; hundreds of qualified employees of various specialties work under our guidance. We are trusted by thousands of clients, among which are schools, medical facilities, banks, various foreign companies, public enterprises and organizations as well as ordinary people.

The prices for our furniture are relatively affordable, and, besides that, we provide a warranty on our product range up to 10 years.

The sky is the limit for us when it comes to make your dreams regarding furniture production come true. You can also find any design of furniture you like on the Internet, and we will manufacture it for you using high-quality materials putting our heart and soul into the process.

To order furniture, please, contact the numbers below:

 (+992) 918 340 005‎

(+992) 985 603 160

You can get familiar with a portfolio of our works below:

Кухонный гарнитур в Душанбе под заказ