Awarding prize from our salon

23.07.2020 Off By Админ

Hurray, Attention everyone!

It’s time for the Awarding prize!

On the eve of the Independence Day of the Republic of Tajikistan, “Akram Mebel” announces a drawing of the prize – SOFA TROIKU

“Each person strives to provide his family with comfortable conditions for sleep and rest. Especially in cases where quality furniture is chosen. This furniture will be spacious and comfortable for everyone. A three-piece sofa, completely safe to use and capable of withstanding intense loads. ”

Ready to buy?

Why, because we have a draw !!!

Take 5 easy steps and win:

  1. Subscribe to the page “Akram Mebel”
  2. Press the “like” button
  3. Invite 20 of your friends
  4. Write your name in the comment
  5. Write “I accepted the invitation” – and you are already a member Awarding prize!

The winner will be determined using a random number generator and announced on September 10th on our Facebook page.